Messages from the Word of God by Br. David Nelson, Evangelist Available bi-monthly on cassette or CD. All materials free as the Lord provides. Messages from the Word of God by Br. David Nelson, Evangelist Available bi-monthly on cassette or CD. All materials free as the Lord provides. © 2010 No Greater Love Ministry Messages From Our Friends The following messages are letter, notes, and e-mails we have received from people who have been blessed trough this ministry. We take these words and offer them as praise to the Lord Jesus Christ because He alone is worthy. Dear Bro. Nelson, Have gotten your tapes before, but have never been led to reply until now. This tape on Leviticus and Matthew were really inspirational to me. You revealed some points I have not gleaned before. . . Newton, MS Bro. David, Sister Jennifer, Emily, Garret and Little One, I appreciate your family and what you stand for. You all are an inspiration to me. I enjoyed getting to see you all last week. Thank you for delivering some sincere and wonderful singing and sermons. I have been listening to “The Temptations of Christ” tapes on my way to and from work this week. Since I missed some of these during revival services. I know the Lord sent these messages and I thank Him for allowing y’all to deliver and distribute them. I will keep the ministry and your growing family in my prayers. May God continue to bless you. Union, MS Thank you for letting the Lord work through you to reach others. God is doing a great work through you. Please continue to serve and stand for Him. Newton, MS Dear Bro. David, Thank you for adding my brother to your mailing list and sending him your past tapes. My brother has made a profession of faith but has not joined any church. He has had some experience with the Mormon teaching and remains confused about a lot of things. The Lord used you greatly in my life. . .and I am so thankful for you and Jennifer and the stand you have taken for Christ. Union, MS Dear Bro. Nelson, I received your cassette tape with the messages: “Setting A Captive Free” and “Facing The Storm.” Thank you. We appreciate it very much. It blessed us. I hope you will bless us again. I trust the Lord is wonderfully blessing you in your ministry and that He will do so more and more. It was very kind of you, very Christian of you, to think on us and share your blessing, your ministry with us. Please keep us in your prayers. And this people who have no desire to see the Light of Life. Hachioji, Japan Dear Brother and Sister, I couldn’t let this special season of Thanksgiving go by without letting you know how thankful I am for your example and for your commitment to serve our Lord! You are an inspiration to me and are often in my thoughts and prayers. Meridian, MS Bro. Nelson, I received the tapes you sent today. I have played it again and again and enjoyed them very much. Thanks so very much for taking the time to make copies for shut-ins like me that are not able to go to church. May the Lord bless your family in all you do. Union, MS Dear Bro. David, We received your letter and tape with grateful hearts for you and the ministry that God has called you to. We do pray for you and have you on the church prayer list. We trust that our God is blessing you as you serve Him and seek to do His will. Carthage, MS Dear Bro. David, Thanks so much for the tape. We pray that God will bless you in this ministry. Edinburg, MS Bro. David, Thanks so much for the tapes you have been sending me. I’m looking forward to the next tape. May God bless you. Philadelphia, MS Bro. Nelson, You have been such a blessing and I count it such a privilege and joy to be able to support you tape ministry. The Lord has blessed you with such wisdom and understanding of the scriptures. I pray He will continue to bless you. Union, MS Bro. David, The tapes are very good. Keep up the good work. Union, MS Bro. David, I just wanted you to know I enjoy the tapes you send me. Keep up the good work. Conehatta, MS Dear Bro. David, This is a short note to say thank you for the tapes you have sent. I get a blessing every time I listen to them. This last tape “Why I Can’t Quit” has helped me tremendously. After being saved at a young and haring the Word in church all my life, I have just recently felt a closeness to God I have not felt in a while. Then of course the devil had to put obstacles in my path. But through lots of prayer, reading the Bible and other books, counseling, and learning to turn it all over to God I have overcome some of them. I have come close to giving up. God knows my breaking point and without fail, He sends a blessing of some kind to turn me around. You statement “If you walk away, you give up on God” has touched my heart. I know, without a doubt, I would not be at this point in my life without God. I know God will answer all my prayers in His own will and perfect timing. Dry Prong, LA Hello Bro. David, Hope this finds you and yours doing great. I am doing fine, just hot. I just wanted to let you know that I received your tape and was sure glad to get it. . . We have church service pretty regular, but it is very seldom that we have down home preaching that sticks with the Word. Thanks again for your time and trouble. Looking forward to hearing more of you. Tell everyone hello. Pearl, MS Dear Bro. David, Thank you for this tape ministry you have. I have a friend in Baton Rouge who has been going through similar trials as I have. I am sending your tapes and praying that she will get blessings from them as I have. For the past month God has placed it on my heart to send you a love offering to help your tape ministry. My offering is not much compared to the expense you go to in sending everyone tapes, not to mention the blessings received by them but I also know ever little bit helps. May God continue to bless you and your family. Thank you again. Dry Prong, LA Bro. David Nelson, I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy your tapes. May God keep blessing your ministry. Collinsville, MS Dear Bro. Nelson, I just wanted you to know how happy your tapes make my mother feel when she gets them. May God bless you in your work. Philadelphia, MS Dear Bro. David, Just a note to say thank you for the work you did this past Saturday. We really appreciate it. Also thank you for the tapes. We enjoy them. It is so good to have friends like you and your wife. May God always bless you. Conehatta, MS Dear Friends, Thank you for the tapes we have just started to receive. We listen to them in our home and will share them with others. I know you send them at great cost and time. We are beginning another church, a Christian Radio station and some other ministries. Your tapes, more than likely, will be heard by thousands on the radio waves. Masindi, Uganda, Africa